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Confusion rules this shifting age
And uproar fills the town
Life... in general 
14th-Nov-2009 10:44 am
onigiri loves you!
So, my first semester at EMU is almost over. I just finished registering for next semester. I am thrilled that I am finally getting my life together. Next September I will be going to live in Japan for a year, going to school at JCMU in Shiga. I'm really excited but also panicked on how I am going to come up with not only the money to pay for school itself, but I have to bring all of my spending money for the year since I am not allowed to hold a job in Japan with a student visa.

I'm also really glad that I made the decision to start from scratch as far as Japanese courses go, because while I could have tested into a higher level, I now feel much more comfortable with the foundation of the language and it has been making new concepts a lot easier to grasp. Not that my Japanese is very good mind you... I still have a ways to go.

My nephew took his first steps on my sister's birthday last week. I think that's awesome. Also, her husband has been doing a lot better. I know some of you knew he was going through a difficult time with his cancer and the surgeries and recovery weren't going as planned (reminds me of someone else I know... ) but he is doing great now and returning to work soon.

I apologize to people who wait at this journal for news of fan-fiction updates and I apologize for letting you down thus far. I've tried to continue writing several times and it just isn't working out. I do plan to eventually finish Boy Who Cried Potter... but once I can manage to finish it... I'm pretty sure that's going to be it for me as far as fan-fics go.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. It seems like over such a long period of time I might have more to say... but I've got nothing.
14th-Jun-2010 12:26 am (UTC)
Hi I just wanted to let you know that i've enjoyed what you wrote for boy who cried potter. I'll wait as long it needs to take.
18th-Jun-2010 05:26 am (UTC)
I just wanted to let you know that Boy Who Cried Potter is an awesome fanfic - to find out that you do plan to finish it made my day!
Good luck with all your endeavors.
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