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24th-Nov-2008 01:44 pm - ATTENTION
onigiri loves you!
I am sending out holiday cards again this year.

If you would like one (because who doesn't like receiving cards?) leave your address in a comment to this SCREENED post.

I am hand making the cards (per usual) and will include happy good-time thoughts.

So... leave me your address... and I'll send you a card. :)
24th-Nov-2008 11:11 am - I have not died!
onigiri loves you!
I know I have said this before... but I am going to be continuing Boy Who Cried Potter. I have been crazy stressed and have crazy issues lately which is why I haven't been around.

I am going to be moving again in about a week. I am moving to Kalamazoo to be closer to my sister, who is due to have her baby between the 11th and 25th of December. I'll be living with friends, who I've lived with before. I also would like to go back to school, and the community college near her offers a degree that I am interested in, and all of my credits will transfer, so that's good. They also have a couple of certificate programs that I am excited to go for.

Things on the work front have been stressful. I've been super busy because we always have a lot of changes that need to be made at the end of the year with the Websites/Catalogs/Price Lists. Especially now, with the economy and the scary situation with the Auto Industry here (my company is an auto supplier based in Michigan), many of our product lines have become more expensive.

Living with my parents has been stressing me out. I've mentioned before that my mother is a little bit nutty and I guess since I have moved away my parents stopped sleeping in the same room, and they turned what was my room into an office, so when I moved back... I'm sleeping in the room with the one computer that we all share, that runs like molasses, and that my mom likes to be on late at night. Also, I think I mentioned this before, but my car broke, and I still haven't gotten a new one. My mom has been driving me to work in the mornings and I absolutely fear for my life. She is one of the most horrifying drivers on the road and I consider it a miracle that she hasn't killed anyone yet.

That's another good thing about moving to K-zoo, free public transit for students.

I've recently had a strange sort of falling out with one of my closest friends, which has got me down.

I've been feeling very lonely again, which is nothing new I guess, but I just wish it were easier to meet new people.

I had a lot of stress with my hd_holidays fic. I was so excited to participate and I had wanted to for the last couple years and it just seems like every possible thing that could have gone wrong, did. I managed to get it in (with some crazy extensions), I just wish I could be more proud of it. The whole thing kind of left me frustrated because of my file issues, and beta issues, and then after re-reading my fic... I'm not even sure I like it. Plus, my person requested humor, and I've been feeling anything but humorous lately.

I don't know. I guess I'm just feeling very blah about everything lately. Hopefully the move, and living with friends again, and being near my sister and my soon to be nephew will pull me out of this five month long funk.
onigiri loves you!

Mel and I created this community about three years ago and we gave it up to a couple of other mods when we both got too busy to take care of it anymore. Anyhow, recently the mods over there became too busy for it and I decided to give the place another go. It has really died over there and I've taken some measures to revive it, but I'm so far out of the Hyde fandom loop that I'm going to need your help!

If you are a Hyde fan, have Hyde fan friends, or are in a Hyde-related community, please pimp! I would love to see the place active again. We had a lot of really talented members in the past and I'm sure we can turn out some really awesome icons together! All for the love of HYDE!
4th-Nov-2008 10:24 pm - P.S.
onigiri loves you!

4th-Nov-2008 10:06 pm - Yes!
onigiri loves you!

4th-Nov-2008 09:21 am - Just cast my vote!
onigiri loves you!
Attention US citizens of my friends list:


Hitch a ride, call a cab, ride a bike... but get your ass at the polls!

thank you
10th-Oct-2008 10:59 am - New Layout
onigiri loves you!
I made myself a new layout yesterday. I love it so much! I really needed to change it because I was hating visiting my journal before.

Would you guys take a peek and tell me if the load time is too slow? It's working pretty fast for me, but my connection here at work is super amazing, so who knows...

Anyhow, Updates on Boy Who Cried Potter coming next week.

I also plan on finishing my fic for hd_holidays by the end of next week, so I'll be very busy with the writing. Still haven't found a beta and it needs to be done by November 8th. So if your are interested or know someone who might be, let me know. Once I finish it, if I haven't found someone I'll just ask around other places... but I've had beta woes before and I would rather have someone I know, or at least someone who comes recommended take a look at it. I can't miss my deadline!
6th-Oct-2008 04:39 pm - Hi!
sarcastocited Jim
A small update to let everyone know what's going on with me.

I finally finished moving all of my stuff out of my apartment and am now officially living with Mom & Pop again. So far it hasn't been too bad, I think my mother is making a very conscious effort to be civil- which really, is all I ask for.

Like I didn't have enough money issues, my car died last weekend. As in, the permanent, you might as well sell this for scrap, kind of died. = blows.

Not much else is going on. Man alive... I lead an exciting life.

I haven't done this in a long time, but I made some random icons so... I'm going to post them. *nod* They are all for Supernatural.


A few more here (14 total)Collapse )
24th-Sep-2008 08:28 am(no subject)
onigiri loves you!
I just want to let everyone know~

I have not abandoned "Boy Who Cried Potter", I've just been crazy busy lately trying to revive hp_stillness and with RL, trying to be moved out of my apartment by the 30th. I know a handful of people have friended my journal recently with the express reason of keeping up with my updates. For those people, I would like to let you know, my next update to the fic will not be until mid October, so hang tight, and I'm sure that once I've moved everything in and gotten settled, I'll have the time for regular updates again.

I want to leave a special apology to tmkline because the fic is for her.

I am also taking part for the first time in hd_holidays. I've already plotted and outlined and written a few scenes for my fic, but the whole thing is due, and beta'd by November 8th, so rest assured, I'll have my writing hat back on very soon.

Speaking of hd_holidays... anyone want to beta my fic for me when I've finished?

Oh, and all you HP fans on my list... check out hp_stillness and make some icons! I want to bring that place back to the glory days of about 3 years ago when they had 50-60 submissions a week!
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